Top 10 Reasons why people hate Jews

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In history of Jews, they were hated more than they were loved. They are still being hated. People have started to wonder that there is something wrong with the Jews itself and nothing wrong with the people who hate them. This is because hating Jews is, you can say, a trend that has been followed since we have known about the world. Hating them is not just of the level where you hate and forget; instead, it is a higher level of hatred where you hate and exclude them. Over a period of 1700 years, Jews have faced over 80 expulsions from different countries of England. But what could possibly be so bad about them? Why do people hate them so much? Many historians debate over this question and the answers they come up with are mentioned here:

10. Over-smart:


People believe that Jews consider themselves better than all others. But what I think is that every one of us thinks that we are far better than the others; and this is because we love ourselves more than others. So, Jews must not be guilty to feel that way. Also, there are no writings about they think themselves as superior. In fact, Muslims think that they are superior to Jews and have declared Jews as pigs or apes in some of their writings. But this does not make them superior or make the Jews inferior. This, in fact, contradicts the assumption of Jews taking themselves as better than others.

9. Higher Moral:


Jews are hated for having higher moral and high values. When someone does something of moral responsibility, it reminds others for doing the same and people just do not like this. People never want to be reminded about their moral duties and moral values; and so they hate those who take a moral stand and do something for a moral cause. This is true that Jews took a moral stand during the Torah. They were chosen by God to do so and this is a higher moral standard; which comes with a blessing as well as a burden. But this is not the actual reason of hating the Jews; though, it can be one of the excuses people have to hate them.

8. Scapegoat:


People often use them to place the blame for everything. Jews were used by people like Hitler to put all the blame of everything. Jews had a certain reputation but Hitler even worsened it by blaming them for everything. The Nazi movement was all about targeting the Jews and enduring hatred towards them. Hitler convinced one and all that the root of all the problems are Jews, they are the real problem; not only for their country, but for the whole world. The solution to this was suggested by Hitler to leave Jews in isolation. People agree to this eagerly as they found someone to blame for all their problems and they eagerly agreed to the solution without second thoughts.

7. Stateless:


This is said by taking a reference from an editorial published in Jerusalem Post which mentioned this: Herzl once said that Jews were a stateless nation amidst the nation-states. They said so because earlier, Jews never had a perfect place or state made only for them. They were considered as ‘parasites’ in other states. They were considered as ‘capitalists’ who lived in other states and tried to take away from them. Jews were, back then, called ‘rootless’ because of lack of state. But, later, Israel gave Jews their right, their cultural freedom, and nondiscrimination in politics. This erased the mock of being ‘parasitic capitalists’ or ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ (as per the anti-Semitism). Even then, anti-Semitism did not shut; they said and tortured them by considering them as revolutionary socialists and ethnic chauvinists instead of parasites.

6. Different:

different from others

This is another reason that people will come up with when you ask them about hating the Jews. They often say that “Jews are Different”. They say that Jews eat different kind of food, in a different manner, dress differently with different type of clothes, speak different language and even talk in a different way. But isn’t every one of us different. A Christian would dress in a white gown at the wedding, whereas a Hindu would dress in a red saari, while a Muslim would wear a green kurti. Also, a Christian would eat a cake, a Hindu would eat sweets. All of us dress and eat differently than others. Everyone has their own unique custom and culture; this does not mean that we should hate them.

5. Satan:


The root and main cause of the hatred towards Jews and the main reason for the antisemitism is Satan. Satan did not want his head under a sword and better found a target head to protect his own. Satan always comes to steal, to destroy and kill. Satan and the dark powers are behind every action of the antisemitism. Many kings, political leaders and religious leaders were their willing partners in this which made them reach every common man on earth and convince them to hate Jews. But the reason why Satan did this to Jews is partially because Jews were loved by God and all Satan wants is to destroy and crush every plan and purpose of God.

4. Killed Jesus:

jews killed jesus (1)

Being the Chosen ones is not simple. If you have something great, you pay a great price for it. That is true in case of Jews. People often say that Jews plotted the plan for killing Jesus and made arrangements at Rome for having him crucified. But the real truth is not this. In the Bible, God said that no one can take His life from Him, that only He Himself has the power of taking His life down and take it again. So it is not the Jews or Romans who killed Him but the sins of humanity which killed Him. The Sin killed the God, your sin and my sin; nor the Jews, neither the Romans. So, one should not hate Jews for this reason. But since people are unaware of this, they seem to hate the Jews.

3. Chosen ones:

the chosen-people

It has been heard a lot of times that Jews are the CHOSEN people of the GOD. I could not agree more. The Jews are from the bloodline of Isaac as they are offspring of Abraham. And everyone is aware of Abraham being the chosen one. Bible has many evidences stating that God promised Abraham a better place to stay, respectful name, a great nation, and blessed him. It also states that the God promised to bless everyone who blessed him and his race, whereas curse those who cursed him. As Abraham is the Chosen one, so his offspring, that is, the Jews are the chosen ones. And people hate them simply because they do not have the privilege of being one of the Chosen ones. People simply hate them out of Jealousy.

2. Rumors:


People hate Jews because they take the rumors about them seriously. People do not try to find out what is right or wrong and simply believe what the rumors say. And, there a lot of rumors about Jews spread all over the world over the period of time. And let me tell you, none of those rumors have been proved correct and all of them are false claims. Jews are being lied about, a lot. Most of those lies are spread by those anti-Semites. Those rumors have been spread and used for political reason and to benefit one with the votes. Some examples of those untrue rumors are: Jews killed Lord Jesus, they were the cause of plague, they were responsible of spreading AIDS to non-Jews, they want to control everything in the world and already control the banks, media as well as government, (one of the most funniest) they drink blood of non-Jewish people for festival and holiday celebrations. Jews Killed Lord Jesus is not a complete lie though, but it is equally true that Romans also killed Him; and I never came across a group of people hating the Romans. It is always the Jews who are being hated for this; not only that, but Jews were hated even before the Lord was crucified.

1. Rich:


The most common reason the people hate Jews is because they are very rich and wealthy. It is supposed to believe that Jews possess a lot more wealth than others. It is human nature to hate all those who are better than them. This is partially true that the percentage of rich Jews is higher than that of poor. This is may be because God actually is favoring them as they are the Chosen ones. Hating Jews out of jealousy can be one of the reasons; jealousy of having property and money which is less than others. This reason would have been a valid one if all the Jews were rich, but that is not the case. But that is not completely true. In fact, there are many parts of the world Jews are very poor as compared to others, yet they are being hated. Poor Jews are hated as equally as the rich Jews. So money is not the only reason to hate them, but it is just a partial reason of why they are being hated so much.

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  • sloth_shit

    such a list is stupid and backwards

    • Mom

      your moms a jew and she cut your penis off you motherfucker bitch please

  • Prof. Reginald Archibald

    Jews are hated for the same reasons other religious groups are hated. They’re just idiots with stupid hats.

  • Reader

    lol there is no such claims by jews to their superiority? Are you for real? You have history of scholars writing drivel about genetic, spiritual and physical superiority of jews over all non jews. Read up and then write.

  • shiza

    Satan? God this list is so ridiculous I feel dumber 4 reading it-

  • John

    Just another mossad controlled website. Wether people want to admit it or not, zionists (not Jews, ZIONISTS) control everything in this world. Israel controls America through aipac lobbyists, it’s the only reason we ever went to Iraq in reality. Politicians NEVER totally agree on everything, but the 1 thing they always agree on is to vow to defend Israel to their very last breath. The richest and most powerful family on earth, the Rothchilds, are zionist Jews, they lobbied Britain and America back during ww2 to create Israel in the first place. That’s why hitler did what he did, it’s never taught to anyone, but Nazis got there idea from zionist conspiracies. Not just because he thought Jews were problematic. The company that sold the gas to hitler, ig far Ben, had Jews running it in certain places

  • Christian Christodoulides

    You little biased shit. You and your dirty people have been shit on and kicked around for millennium. And for good reason. I’ll cry in happiness the day someone wipes you fecal little assholes off this earth

    • Chloe Blue

      This list is filled with complete narcissistic garbage and propaganda, but I do not want ANY group of people wiped from the Earth.

      I want the Palestinian GENOCIDE committed by Israel and supported with obscene billions of American dollars to END.
      I want peace in Israel for all.

      Unfortunately, the statistics show that just about 50% of Israel citizens, when polled, support the open-air prison, housing destruction, biased laws favoring only Israeli people, extreme cruelty, starvation, child abuse, and murder committed against millions of Arabs going on for many decades now.

      I do hope the statistics are untrue.


  • Hans Aresch

    Most people don’t actually hate Jews, but the Jewish perception of being hated is quite telling. When it comes to certain topics, otherwise intelligent and rational Jewish people instantly turn into raving lunatics. They’re a bit like that alcoholic friend whom you tell: “Look, man, I love you from the bottom of my heart. But you have got to drink less. Please.” — And the guy goes: “I KNEW YOU HATE ME! I KNEW IT!”

    That being said, the top issue wasn’t even mentioned here and that is quite telling in itself. The single most unsettling thing about Jews is that they conduct and support, materially or at least morally, the apartheid state of Israel. Israel has refused any serious piece talks, instead treating the Palestians like shit.

    THAT is why we think you Jews have to change your ways. And that does NOT mean we “hate” you. It means we are worried what will happen the moment the United States can’t or won’t protect you any longer.

    • Chloe Blue

      Yes, and most Americans have NO CLUE that the evil being committed against a portion of humanity, in the millions, is one of the many reasons Americans are so hated.

      By being BFF’s with Israel, we are at great risk of being attacked….or worse.

      We’ve supported multiple dictatorial regimes.

      We supported Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war.

      We’ve gone around meddling in the affairs of other countries in ways no American would even think of allowing another country to do to us.

      We kill innocent civilians, we beat innocent Afghans to death in Bagram prison.

      We torture Muslims, humiliate them, and treat them like animals.

      There are U.S. soldiers currently charged with killing Afghan civilians for sport and keeping body parts as trophies.

      We invaded Iraq on false pretenses.

      Well guess what? Most Americans want us to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and killing innocent civilians too.
      A lot, and I suspect most of us want us to reduce our military presence around the world. So by and large we have the same *goals* as al Qaeda.

      We have a different set of reasons for embracing those goals.

      They want to be left alone.

      We want to stop wasting lives and resources and putting ourselves in a middle of protracted conflicts that are none of our concern where it’s hard to even know whom we are supporting.

      We have different tactics.

      We work to end our meddling by making it clear to our leaders we want to end it and voting for people who share that goal. The people to whom you refer are ordinary citizens, often in repressed societies.

      They have no power of any kind.

      No political power, no economic power, no military power. Condemn terrorism all you want, but historically it’s often been the tool of choice for people who have no other option.

      So to reiterate, most Americans support the same goals as al Qaeda:

      Get us out of Iraq.

      Get us out of Afghanistan.

      Get us out of Libya if it’s going to be another open-ended conflict.

      Get us out of ISRAEL and end the Palestinian/Arab oppression and genocide.

      Reduce our military presence around the world.

      Stop trying to impose our will on other governments and their people.

      I am absolutely convinced that if we did these things the threat of terrorism would drop dramatically.

      I support peace for ALL !!!!!

    • Daniel

      Okay so first of all about peace with Palestinians , In my opinion I’m not saying that all arabs are bad people from their core (Im Jewish and have a couple of good arab friends) but the Israeli Government has bean trying to make peace agreements with palestenians since the 70’s and until today were being bombed by gaza palestenians (2 of my friends died,but sadly those kind of things dont go on the news) I’m saying that there is no denial that even after we have had a truce with the palestenians, until now at least it has always ended with some extreme terrorist commiting a suiciadal explosion on some bus.Also this Palestinian-Israeli situation is even more complicated because there are extreme opinions and beliefs from both sides,and in both ways,that is why we have to take extreme caution and there should be no negotiating with terrorists , Israel has the right to defend its citizens and do whatever it takes so that there will be no more death from its side .And about what you said in the beginning, I dont know what kind of Jews you know but they are certainly not intelligent and rational,otherwise they wouldnt be wining about “the world” hating them , and I think your knowledge is not completely full, because as I said there are extreme opinions and beliefs from our side too, and it is those extreme people that feel hated from the world. In the end Israel wants peace as much as any normal American or Muslem, except we know that peace agreements and our own rightfully conquered land being given to Palestenians for peace that didnt arrive after decades of trying ,does not work and we are left with no other choice but to act differently.

      • Hans Aresch

        “the Israeli Government has bean trying to make peace agreements with palestenians since the 70’s” – I stopped reading your comment at that point. Sorry, I don’t discuss reality with trolls like you.

        • Daniel

          So CREARLY you don’t know Israels history very well, but I stand up to the fact that we have been truely trying to make peace with them for a long time ,(especially the “Oslo agreement” in 1993 and giving away the lands of Judah and Shomron in 2005). And to the second part of your response when I say “our own rightfully conquered land” that means that back in 1947 when the Brits had owned Israel ,the United Nations had decided on a division plan between Jews and Palestinians , and had also decided that the Brits should no longer have Israel , and you would think there should be no more war after that an upper hand such as the United Nations are the ones to make that decision , but no, the Palestinians actually , were the ones to not agree on the division and they declared war with the jews in Israel , and its only then that Israel returned fire and conquered Jerasalem , so if anyone was trying to steal the land was the Palestenians .

          • John Klett

            You cannot make n agreement with a group of people who think you are a dog and should be exterminated, the Jews are not for peace they are for conquest and enslavement of gentiles. Read the Talmud.

          • R C

            You know nothing.

    • Daniel

      and by the way i think whoever wrote this article is being very narcisstic and i think most jews wouldnt believe this article

      • Hans Aresch

        That’s right, because Jews aren’t narcissistic. They merely believe that they are the Chosen People.

  • Leitmotif

    Perhaps cos they are cunts

    • cannondax

      Wow! What a deep thinker you are! Crawl back under your rock.

      • Leitmotif

        Sorry mate – someone hijacked my account –

  • Sumit

    This article needed more editing and some points are bound to be misinterpreted even if they are true. And even if (as an Indian) I know very less about Judaism, I know for sure that they are very progressive people (Highly educated, Highest percentage of Nobel laureates religion wise and impeccable history of Wealth creation). Even Warren Buffett has acknowledged the mine of innovations that is Israel. On a Political front, I feel Israel depicts another story altogether which is highly controversial and sometimes outrageous. They justify their acts by saying that they always have been the one to suffer at the hands of others. But if you are always going to pay back in the same coin then you are bound to get blood on your hands. Chosen ones or not , In modern age all should be open enough to reduce the misery caused by war and solve problems through peaceful dialogue. Vendetta will never end with anyone’s Victory (as depicted very well in movie “Munich”). It has gone on for more than a millennium and can go on easily for many more t come.

    • Chloe Blue

      “They justify their acts by saying that they always have been the one to suffer at the hands of others.
      But if you are always going to pay back in the same coin then you are bound to get blood on your hands.

      Chosen ones or not , In modern age all should be open enough to reduce the misery caused by war and solve problems through peaceful dialogue.

      Vendetta will never end with anyone’s Victory.”

      Very, very well said!

  • gloria

    I read this article for one reason why does society hate Jews? I attend Christian church but grew up Catholic. Just to make myself clear..I love u…all!
    I understand Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. I can respect that. Jews are the chosen ppl… I can resect that. What I can’t understand is One God… One way, one love. Why isn’t this easy… LOVE?
    Not being a Jew does this mean, that I don’t have a chance in heaven?
    if Jews don’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah who was Jesus to them, a very bold man?! I really want to know this. Stay blessed…respect & love each other always…LOVE

    • JakeOrlando

      Pssst: Catholics are Christian. All Catholics are Christians, but not all Chrisitians are Catholic. What you mean to say is you attend “Protestant” (or more specifically a Protestant Christian church that is either denominational or non-denominational), but you grew up Catholic.

  • Armand K

    I do not hate Jews, but I do hate this article. Number 3 and Number 10 contradict. Also, I do not understand this thought that it is okay to be better than others. It is not. Thinking you are special and showing it is likely to cause you to be hated, whether you are Jewish or any other type of person

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    Speaking for myself, I have tendency to hate others because it is fun. It allows me to vent the frustrations and tension of everyday life. I first hated blacks, then I moved to Muslims, then I found the Jews.

    Once the target of hatred is chosen, then we find reasons. We look at the faults prevalent in that particular group. Not everyone in that group shares those characteristics, so we narrow are perspective significantly and ignore information which contradicts our perception.

    Jews have many faults upon which to direct our hate. The real question is why are these faults so popular? Why are they so much easier to hate then others?

    I admit that I perceive Jews as generally superior to me, intellectually, economically, even religiously. As a people, they are high achievers and successful at whatever they set their minds to. This adds a flavor of envy to the recipe of hating them. It makes it more pleasurable to cut them down to size and show them how they are not perfect.

    This is exasperated by a certain arrogance that Jewish people have. They are successful, yet they do not hide it. They flaunt it by becoming the center of American society. Everywhere you look in the higher echelons of our society, Jews are there, being Jewish and striving for Jewish goals and caring little or nothing for the collective society in general.

    Beyond envy, there are genuine faults that Jews as a group have. Here are my major complaints.

    Jews are blind to their own faults. They tend to believe they are perfect and that any criticism of their behavior is criminal and to be met with a vigorous attack. Victim-hood is at the center of Jewish identity. This victim-hood is based on a sense of collective innocence. Therefore, any criticism of collective Jewish behavior, even goal seeking, is seen as an attack on the core of Jewish identity. They have a psychic blind spot to their own faults.

    They silence any criticism, using all the wealth and power at their disposal. We all see what happens to people like Helen Thomas, who dared to criticize Israel. Jews deliberately persecute anyone who challenges them, making an example to the rest of us. Then they have the nerve to say the idea that Jews work together to advance agendas over non-Jews is an “anti-semitic canard”. Pointing out that they will annihilate you is grounds to be annihilated.

    To this end, they have their own attack groups such as the ADL ran by Zionist fanatics like Abe Foxman.

    Jews are extremely ethnocentric. It is enough to make a White Nationalist on Stormfront blush. They work collectively towards Jewish goals at the expense of the non-Jewish world. In fact, Jews are obsessed with being Jewish. Their ethnic identity is at the center of their lives. They pump out countless books, websites, academic studies, university courses, museams etc, all on the topic of being Jewish. Yet, if another ethnic group were to behave this way, especially Whites, Jews would attack them and destroy them as “racist”.

    This ethnocentrism has a profound influence on our government. Through lobbying groups like AIPAC, Jews have placed Israel as the crown jewel in the American crown. America exists practically to serve Israel. There is a feeling they have taken our country from us and made it a vassal state of their personal racist nation.

    Imagine if the KKK had their own White Nationalist nation, carved out of Germany, where they have forced the German people to live under an apartheid system. The KKK has lobbying groups that control the US government and send billions in taxpayer dollars to their White state, and use our military for their benefit and use our UN veto power to constantly deflect regulation of their abuse against the German people. Although the KKK is a tiny minority, they control our entire country and use it for their selfish racist purposes.

    They act as a nation within a nation, primarily loyal to world Jewry and caring little for the rest of us. We are to be used for their purposes.

    Jews have a double standard about racism. They attack racism in America, even leading the Civil Rights Movement, but are largely silent and even supportive of the Civil Rights violations of Israel. They are hypocrites when it comes to themselves.

    They have one standard of morality for the non-jewish world and another for themselves. What is good for the Jews is moral, what is bad for the Jews is immoral.

    Far left Jews also inspire ire. They have been at the forefront of destroying traditional American culture. The far left student radical movements of the 1960’s were run by Jews. They were the latest incarnation of the Jewish communism prevailent earlier in the century. Rather than leading a revolution of the working class like the communists before themselves, they successfully moved through the our institutions, bringing a Freudian Marxist self-critique into mainstream society. The resultant social movements such as feminism, have weakened our society at its roots.

    In general Jews have had a very destructive and selfish influence on American society. They cannot see their faults. They are extremely aggressive and attack anyone who criticizes them or opposes them in any way. They are insular and competitive. They also have a tremendous amount of control of us and use it selfishly. Being successful and wealthy doesn’t help because it inspires envy.

    I hope this helps.

    • Daniel

      So,you are against racism, and you hate jews,,and you speak about hypocrisy… do you even know what youre saying?…P.S. you have to give me the recipie for whatever your putting in your weed…

  • El Diablo Matamoros

    Although I am not a Christian or a Jew, I just came across the story of Esau and Jacob (Israel) in the Bible. It is an analogy of the relationship between Jews and Gentiles (especially Europeans).

    I cannot find a better description of Jew/Gentile dynamics and why non-Jews dislike Jews. Indeed, it is mystical. It has been long accepted as such by Jews themselves.

    Essentially it describes how Jews (descendents of Israel) have a constellation of personal qualities that cause them to be hated by their non-Jewish brothers (descendents of Esau).

    Jacob is an intellectual who shuns hard labor, he is deceptive and wily and he is an extreme over-achiever who craves power. Due to these qualities, he cheats his father and usurps the birth right of his brother by disguising himself as Esau and approaching his father Isaac on his death bead. .

    (By the way, this is when the verse Zionist Christians love to quote “He who blesses Israel will be blessed, he who curses Israel will be cursed” is spoken by Isaac)

    Israel reminds me of Loki in the “Thor” films.

    Esau is also depicted as being hairy and powerfully built. He also has red hair which is typical of Europeans. He is brave and strong yet uncouth and less intelligent.

    When the ploy was discovered, Esau became enraged and drove Jacob into exile under threat of death.

    Esau received the benediction from his father, that although the sneaky thieving over achieving Jacob would rule him, he could overthrow the yoke of Israel, whenever he liked.

    (Zionist Christians never quote that one. It essentially declares that gentiles have the blessing to throw off Jewish ruler ship and exile them whenever they like.)

    It was only after Esau had forgiven his anger and embraced Jacob, that we was renamed “Israel” by God. Jews interpret this as meaning when Gentiles forgive them and embrace them, God will reward the Jews with the coming of the Messiah.

    Esau and Jacob were twin brothers. Their mother Rebekkah, went to the doctor complaining of pain in her womb. He told her that the twin brothers were fighting in the womb. When Esau was born first, Jacob was holding on to his ankle as if to stop him. Jacob literally means “ankle grabber”. The role of Jacob is to pull his brother down and take power over him. This is essentially the nature of the Jews.

  • Mister Hill

    what drivel!

  • al

    Hitler hated the Jews because when he was in Vienna he saw that they ran all the businesses that destroy the moral fiber of a nation: they controlled the whorehouses and the drug dens. Here they control Hollywood and destroy the morality of our nation through movies and T.V. They think they are the god’s chosen people, and you are obviously Christian because you are foolish enough to believe that. They control the money in this country, the fed, the banks, the insurance companies, and they are using that power to create a nation of debt slaves. They got the stupid British and Americans to help them throw the Palestinians off their land, and to this day they kill Palestinian men, women and children indiscriminately but you never hear about it because they control the news media in this country.The Talmud says that a Jew is to lie and cheat the gentile whenever possible for his benefit, and if possible to get away with it, to kill the gentile. You are the worst kind of gentile, a bible thumping Christian who has been brainwashed into licking the boots of the Jews.

  • Michael Fish Powell

    I am of Viking descent. We hated EVERYONE!

  • Maha

    That’s probably the worst and most “full of lies and nonsense” article in this web, what is very obvious to me that you are a Jew, cause no one like/defend Jews except Jews themselves. you purposely forgot to mention that they’ve aggressively and soullessly occupied a land they never had any right in, killed and still killing its people! not to mention how aggressively mean and stingy people they are! you never mentioned that, is it because you never met a Jew in your life? Or because you are a Jew yourself? My respect ..

  • Ted Reading

    Jealousy! No, you overlooked stealing land and demolishing villages. I don’t think the article implies that Jews are better than others enough times, read it back, twice it states that hatred is natural cos were better than you.

  • Sum Fuka

    Zionist pig….

  • Aurora

    moral? They are the leaders in the porn industry in the valley.

  • John Klett

    The problem with the Jew is the Jew. The self appointed chosen are by their nature racist and by living parasitic lives they see them selves as apart or different. God knows the Jews are a fraud and an abomination to the earth and history is proving this. the State of Israel is a fraud, the white jews are not jews and when this fraud is finally exposed… the jews will have no one to blame but themselves.

    • cannondax

      You are one of the most disgusting, pathetic examples of humanity I’ve encountered. “self appointed chosen” References please! It’s people like you that are the parasite and sickness upon the world. Your hate sickens me.

  • Leitmotif

    Every human is precious we all cry mourn and feel pain we all need to know this including Jews and Gentiles

  • Bcdef Sdfghkl

    Blood Libel
    Nation Wrecking
    Controlling Media, Banks, Usury
    Causing wars for profit
    are Grabblers Land Grabbing, Money Grabbing, Gene Grabbing (Hook nosed,
    swarty jews to blonde blue eyed jews), Surname Grabbing

    “you are a Jew, cause no one like/defend Jews except Jews themselves”

    best comment ever

  • Hcredo

    Point of correction, Muslims to do not call Jews ‘pigs’ or ‘apes’ and I doubt you will be able to find a reference to that statement. Rather, what you are talking about is the reference made in the Quran about the Jews who broke the Sabbath and were turned into Apes and Pigs by God. This same story is in the Jewish book (Torah) and in the Bible too, so why are you now trying to make it seem like a hate statement made by Muslims against the Jews?
    How do I know that this is the source of your misconception? Well, it’s simple, while the holy books of the Jews and Christians state that the Sabbath breakers were turned into apes, the holy Quran states that they were turned into apes AND pigs. Based on your way of reasoning, even Jews call each other apes because the story was first narrated in the Jewish holy scripture.
    You are lucky that after reading the first point in your write up I didn’t bother to read any further, who knows what other facts you have misrepresented. If you are a Jew, then I must say that you are putting your race to shame by showing poor intelligence and sense of reasoning: Just because a Muslim religious book recounts a historical occurrence where some deviant Jews were turned into apes & pigs because they broke their God’s commandment and also in order that it may serve as a warning to others, does not mean that Muslim think all Jews are pigs & apes. You should not feel the need to discredit other religions in an attempt to defend the Jews. You need to be more objective and more professional.